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Hydraulic Components

Product features and Applications
SC1V series is high-pressure swashplate type piston pump integrated with function of power control, inverted flow control, etc. Widely usedin construction machinery, industry machinery,marine machinery and mining machinery.
technical parameter
          Model   SC1V112
          Replace (K3V112S)
          Displacement     112 mL/r
          Direction Of Rotation(View From Shaft End) Right Rotation
          Rated Speed 2000 r/min
          Max. Speed 2360 r/min
          Inlet Pressure 0.05~0.2 Mpa 
          Rated Pressure 34 MPa
          Max. Pressure 39 MPa
          Recommended Oil L-HM46(Summer)     L-HM32(Winter)
          Housing Pressure ≤0.25 MPa
          Woking Mode  Open Circuit System
Installation size

Specification Z Model a JIS
SC1V112 14 2.5 25° D2001-1959



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