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  • position:Freight Driver
    major:B2 book, freight qualification certificate
    Number of recruits:1
    Work experience:3 years
    Salary requirements:薪资面议
    End time:2017-11-10
    Other requirements
    Post duties:
    1. Responsible for the delivery and inventory of the goods.
    2. Responsible for the maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle.
    3, assist in handling the company's vehicle insurance, claim and annual inspection.
    4, assist in the handling of daily administrative affairs.
    1, age 28-40 years, B2 Ben, more than 3 practical driving experience, a freight license, familiar with the local road conditions;
    2, no bad driving record, no major accidents and traffic violations, with a strong sense of safety;
    3, understand business reception etiquette, have a certain sense of service;
    4, being practical, honest, strong sense of confidentiality, strong sense of responsibility, able to work overtime.
    Working hours: one break, 8 hours work, and occasional overtime.
  • position:Production Planner
    major:Use a computer skillfully
    Age:Less than 35
    Number of recruits:1
    Work experience:1 years
    Salary requirements:面议
    End time:2017-11-17
    Other requirements
    Post duties:
    1. Mainly responsible for production planning and tracking
    2. Coordination between production and quality
    3, to support the production of statisticians;
    Associate degree or above, male, under 35 years old, proficient in computer office software ERP system, with more than 1 years working experience in manufacturing industry, sensitive and sensitive.
    Working hours: single break, 8 hour working system
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